Graduation Certificate


Graduation Certificate

Collection of Graduation Certificate
(Applicable to graduating class after the conferment of degrees)

Graduates may collect your degree certificate at Registry Office (RHB305-6, Research Complex High Block) during the office hours:

Office Hours:
(Mon to Fri) 9:30am to 12:30pm; 2:00pm to 5:00pm
(Sat) Closed
Closed on Sunday, University Holidays & Public Holidays
(University Holidays include 24/12/2022 to 2/1/2023; 21/1/2023 to 29/1/2023)

Location for collection:

Room Programme
RHB 305, Research Complex High Block Undergraduate Programmes in Faculties of Commerce and Social Sciences: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics & Finance, Law & Business, Counselling and Psychology, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology
RHB 306, Research Complex High Block All Postgraduate Programmes;
Undergraduate Programmes in Faculty of Arts:
Chinese Language & Literature, English, History and Journalism & Mass Communication

You are reminded to present your HKID card / SYU student card to collect your graduation certificate. If you are unable to make the collection in-person, authorization (signed letter of authorization in original together with a copy of your identity card/student card) is required.

Template of Authorization Letter